vineri, 27 februarie 2009

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Sunt abonată să primesc câte o scurtă meditaţie de trei ori pe săptămână de la Revista Creştină online The Good News.
Cei care doresc să primească pe email aceste mesaje se pot abona aici.
Meditaţia de astăzi a fost cu subiect despre ... grădinărit.
Voi reda mai jos textul primit astăzi .

Hi friends,
Gardening is a great hobby—good for us mentally and physically.

Clyde and Dee Kilough

Row by Row

Gardening is almost a lost art today. It is not easy to grow a garden when seated before the computer (and no, “virtual gardens” don’t count). Real gardens require soil preparation, healthy seeds, orderliness and tending from time to time.

It is a methodical and systematic process. The results in the hands of good gardener are delightful. He or she will spot plants that need a little extra tender loving care, and provide that abundantly.

We are God’s garden. He prepares the soil, plants the seed and tends to it as we grow, but unlike regular garden seeds, we have the inner power to determine whether or not we want to grow.

In terms of physical stature, there’s really not an awful lot we can control, but mentally and spiritually, our growth depends on our desire as well as the opportunities. God is our gardener, and Christ told us, “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away” (John 15:2).

Let’s be healthy plants.

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